ruby 操作zookeeper 的比较 (zookeeper ruby clients comparison)

发布时间: 2013-03-13 00:52:00

为了寻找一个比较合适的RUBY ZOOKEEPER客户端,搜索了一下。( I am involving a project that uses zookeeper as a component and I am looking for a suitable ruby client for zookeeper. and I googled around with the results below:  )

1. 比较古老,5年前的东东了, 一直没更新啊有木有。 虽然看起来 一些基本操作都支持,但是没人维护了。果断不用。 ( its last commit is 5 year ago, it's out of date, although it supports all the basic operations like : get, set ... ) 

2. 这个是比较新的客户端,用作者的原话是 ruby low level wrapper for zookeeper. 看了下文档,它应该是前者的加强版。前者有的功能它这里都有(有意思的是前者的文档被他原封不动的复制过来了^_^) 最新的提交时间是22天前,说明维护和开发还在持续进行中。 ( this is newer, its last commit is 22 days ago, it's the 'ruby low level wrapper for zookeeper, and it's a super set for the previous one. )

另外,第二个项目的作者,他还有另外一个 high level ruby wrapper for zookeeper ( 见

所以,果断选择第二种啊。 ( I decided to use the latter one in my project without a hesitate. )