在godaddy 主机上操作github项目。(work under github and godaddy host)

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也基本上算是自己第一次写的PHP代码。 (this is my first PHP experience. )

后来发现 fluxbb版本不吻合,于是自己的代码没办法直接merge过去。只好手动修改。发现居然可以直接在godaddy上操作 github的push/pull. 很给力。所以直接新建了一个项目。 ( however I found that the fluxbb versions don't match between and my github repo, and my commits could not be merged, I have to merge them manually. It's a surprise that we can do git operations on, oh yeah! so a new forum project was copied from godaddy to my github repo and it will be maintained in future more conveniently) 

1. $ ssh

2. $ cd forum 

3. $ git init .  / git commit

4. create a new repo on github. 

5. add's file to github.

6. $ git push ....

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