VIM 的tab用法(tabs in vim)

发布时间: 2013-01-11 06:40:00

VIM 中的tab 一直是我希望学习使用的东西,可惜过去时间总是不够,没时间学习,就暂时使用 terminal tabs 代替了。  ( The 'tab' in VIM is a interesting concept that I have been always focusing on, but unluckily I don't have enough time to spend time learning it. so ... I have to use the "terminal tabs " instead.  )

但有时候terminal tabs 不如VIM 灵活。比如,我不希望在terminal tab中切换来切换去, 而且不知道是该 ctrl + tab 还是 alt + tab 还是  ctrl + up , ctrl + down.  ( However, it's not always good to use 'terminal tabs' instead of 'VIM tabs', such as, when I want to just open  2 terminals  without tab --- so that I just need to switch my window by typing 'alt+ tab' , but not mixing 'alt + tab' and 'ctrl + tab' , 'ctrl + pageup' and 'ctrl + pagedown' .... .er.... *_* ) 

所以我记录一下VIM 的tab 用法: ( so, let me record the usages of VIM tabs: ) 

:tabnew             new tab
:gt/:tabnext             next tab
:gT/:tabprevious      previous tab

1gt :                  jump to the 1st tab
[n]gt:             jump to the n tab