vim - 使用fuf finder时,如何跳过node_modules

发布时间: 2022-03-30 23:27:00

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" Truth be told, I don't remember what these do, but I must have
" found them necessary back when I installed fuzzyfinder years ago
let s:slash = '[/\\]'
let s:startname = '(^|'.s:slash.')'
let s:endname = '($|'.s:slash.')'

" directories and extensions to ignore when listing files
" these contain a lot of Python-isms, yours will probably vary
let s:extension = '\.bak|\.dll|\.exe|\.o|\.pyc|\.pyo|\.swp|\.swo'
let s:dirname = 'build|deploy|dist|vms|\.bzr|\.git|\.hg|\.svn|.+\.egg-info|node_modules|logs|log'
let g:fuf_file_exclude = '\v'.'('.s:startname.'('.s:dirname.')'.s:endname.')|(('.s:extension.')$)'
let g:fuf_dir_exclude = '\v'.s:startname.'('.s:dirname.')'.s:endname

" limit number of displayed matches
" (makes response instant even on huge source trees)
let g:fuf_enumeratingLimit = 60