ubuntu 11 使用经典页面Gnome( use classic Gnome2 in ubuntu11 natty)

发布时间: 2012-12-01 22:37:00

参考文章:(refer to )

其实这个问题本来很好解决,在LOGIN 的时候选择 "classic" 就可以了。 (it's a very easy question that could be solved by simply choose the "Classic ... " option in the login window ) 

Natty Classic Edit1

但是我的机器情况有点儿特殊,看不到这个选项,而且登录页面也有所不同。所以。。。需要我:(but I met a very strange case that I could not find the option in my login screen, so I have to do a little more: ) 

$ sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

退出登录,然后你就可以找到这个选项了。( then logout, you will find this option. ) 

向可怕的新页面说88,继续享受得心应手的经典界面吧! ( enjoy my classic interface!  say good bye to the awful screen)