ubuntu下的aptitude search的结果说明( aptitude search result explanation)

发布时间: 2014-12-21 05:07:00

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From man aptitude: Each search result is listed on a separate line.
The first character of each line indicates the current state of the package:
p (purged) : 系统上没有安装
c ( configuration left) : 装过, 删掉了,但是有配置文件存在
v: ( virtual )
i: (installed) 已经安装。

The second character indicates the stored action (if any; otherwise a blank space is displayed) to be performed on the package, with the most common actions being i, meaning that the package will be installed, d, meaning that the package will be deleted, and p, meaning that the package and its configuration files will be removed. If the third character is A, the package was automatically installed.