titanium 的unit test: tio2

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refer to:  https://github.com/appcelerator/tio2

1. $ npm install -g tio2

2. .... 对方的文档写的很差。比如说  这个很可怕的 issue:  https://github.com/appcelerator/tio2/issues/14

cb1kenobi commented on Nov 26
Sorry guys. Things are a bit out of date at the moment. I haven't had time to fix it and don't think I'll get to it anytime soon. :(

还好这个项目中有个example. 可以让我们参考,于是:

$ cd < your project folder >

$ ln -s . harness

$ ln -s specs suites

同时,保证你的 spec  目录下,有多个“子目录”, 每一个子目录都包含了一个app.js 目录才行。 这样才算作一个suite. 


$ tio2 --platform android --target device . 

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