使用sweetkit + motionkit 使代码可读性更强,更简介(use sweetkit instead of sweettea)

发布时间: 2014-10-06 23:49:00

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前篇文章,向大家介绍了 sweettea 。 虽然它已经停止了,但是原作者写出了新工具:sweetkit 。 让我们看一看:

官方介绍就一句话:Some helpers for MotionKit that add the coercion abilities of SugarCube to the style abilities of MotionKit, for great good.

于是我提了个issue: 要多几个例子。对方1分钟就回复我了:

You should read up on MotionKit, there are lots of samples and documentation.  SweetKit is just some helpers for MotionKit:

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