在本地搭建gem server的考虑 ( setup gem server on local )

发布时间: 2013-01-25 03:43:00

$ gem server 是个好东西。  (gem server is easy to use )

优点:1. 命令简单。 2. 可以 gem rdoc --all  或者 gem rdoc <gem_name> 来生成对应的api   ( advantages : simple , and could generate all the gem's doc ) 

缺点:每次都要手动运行。(disadvantages:  have to run it manually everytime) 

如果我希望我的nginx能运行 gem server? 貌似没办法  ( seems impossible to use nginx to replace 'gem server') 

如果你用max os, 可以试试这个:   (if using max os, you could probably try this: )

p.s. what about run 'gem server' as a nohup command?