配置fluxbb的开发环境( setup and run fluxbb in ubuntu )

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最近被fluxbb的注册机弄得头大,所以必须要加上个验证码了。  (these days I have been borned by the spams on my fluxbb forum. It's time for me to create something like 'validation code' to fluxbb)


1. 设置PHP的环境(apache + php + mysql. ) 见前一篇文章。 ( refer there my previous post to know how to seup fluxbb environment

2. fork fluxbb on github :

3. clone your forked code and then config your apache file, restart apache :

< VirtualHost *:6060>
  ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
  DocumentRoot /sg552/workspace/fluxbb

$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

4. 打开: localhost:6060, 然后根据它的提示,把一些文件夹的权限加上: open 'localhost:6060' and then follow its instructions:

$ chmod 777 -R cache/ 
$ chmod 777 -R img/avatars/

5. 建立mysql 数据库  (create mysql database) 

$ mysql -u root 
> create database fluxbb

6. 按照提示下载这个文件,并且把它加到fluxbb的目录下( download and move this config.php file to your root of fluxbb folder) 

Fluxbb Finalize Install

大功告成!~   ( well done! )

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