Selenium 家族大集合 ( selenium family names )

发布时间: 2012-09-28 01:15:00

Selenium Family Selenium 有很多的组件和琳琅满目的名字。看了让新手发蒙(confused which is which ),所以咱们来看看:(Selenium seems to have a lot of different components and the website does not explain them very well and I'm still a bit confused which is which. What's the difference or purpose between: )

1. Selenium IDE
2. Selenium Server
3. Selenium Remote Control
4. WebDriver
5. Selenium 2

我的理解是:(My understanding is as follows:)

Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE 是一个GUI插件,跑在Firefox上。可以快速的建立TestCase的原型。另外,它的Record功能非常给里。而且各种assert的提示非常友好。( Selenium IDE is a GUI plugin used for rapid prototyping of test cases in Selenese/HTML.  It's now a Firefox plugin, and it has very strong command-tooltips for assertion)

Selenium Server: 是一个独立的java程序,可以跑Test suite ( Selenium Server is a standalone java program which allows you to run HTML test suites in a range of different browsers, plus extra options like reporting. )

Selenium Remote Control ( selenium-rc) 是Selenium Server的老名字,它只兼容 Selenium 1的API。 (Selenium Remote Control is the old name for Selenium Server, which only supports version 1 of the Selenium API. )

WebDriver 是事实上的核心API, 支持很多种语言。(WebDriver is the actual core API which has bindings in a range of languages and allows you to write standalone tests.)

Selenium2 是最新的Selenium 名称。它包括了: IDE, Server和 WebDriver ( Selenium 2 is the latest version of the Selenium project, and includes the IDE, Server and WebDriver. )

参考(refer to ) : What's the difference between Selenium IDE, RC, 2, and WebDriver?