scala 简介 (scala introduction)

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读音: It's Ska-lah, (不是 ska-ler ) It's Ska-lah; rhimes with Java.

目的是做一个更好的JAVA. ( a better Java)


可读性更好,表述能力更强,代码比JAVA少三分之二。 (Code sizes are typically reduced by a factor of two to three when compared to an equivalent Java application.)

可以与java 无缝集成(streamless integration with Java) ,可以在Java中运行 Scala, 也可以在Scala中跑Java.

编译效果和运行速度不亚于JAVA, 写JAVA编译器的人 Martin,就负责写 Scala 编译器 ( the guy who wrotes Scala compiler also wrote the Java compiler, named Martin Odersky ) 

Scala 同时具有面向对象和面向函数的特点 (both object and functional oriented. )

Scala 是静态类型的语言。不支持鸭子类型( staticially typed) 

Scala 也支持.NET

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