ubuntu中 .bash_profile 会使 .bashrc失效 (remove bash_profile if you want your bashrc take effect in ubuntu)

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过去一直发现自己的~/.bashrc 不会随着用户的登录而自动加载。今天无意当中发现 /root 目录下多了一个 ~/.bash_profile的文件。 size = 0. 我很好奇,于是把它删掉。重新登录,发现~/.bashrc 居然可以使用了乐乐乐乐乐 。。。。 我很开心:)  (these days I had a problem while ssh-login to my VPS that the ~/.bashrc was not auto-loaded.  just now after my login , I found there's a blank .bash_profile in my home folder.  Delete it, logout, login, and .bashrc takes effect again~ )

学习是王道啊,自己有时间的时候应该读些linux的基本资料。  ( what if I had enough time..... >_<) 

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