pdf2jpg , HanWangOCR and ActiveTCL

发布时间: 2009-09-06 08:25:00

Today: still cloudy and a bit cold. temperature: 8 ~ 19 C.

I didn't work any more, but did some preparation for work. Downloaded two books about MaLitang LiuZiJue, and the relational softwares: pdf2jpg, and HanWangORC. The pdf2jpe is able to convert a PDF file into some jpg files which amount is according to the pdf's pages. and the HanWangORC (ORC is short for : optical Charactor Recognition ) is used to convert the imagines into Charactors. Hopefully they can make my work done more effectively ­

Didn't write a line of code for Shappy ( , however I did know that TK which is from Ruby installer does not work well in Windows 2003, I have to download active-tcl separately and install it. version either 85 or 83 is useless, only the tcl84 worked. hehe ...

Another interesting thing, I watched a video of 100% passed Super Mario 3 . Really great, that author is stronger than I am . :-) thanks for playing so well :-)

wish everyone a good day.