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Use XML Schema Definition file for creating PDF via XML in Java
在JAVA中使用XML计划定义文件(Schema Definition file)生成PDF文件。

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In this release, the ability to create PDF via XML has been improved and an XML Schema Definition file has been formed. Some
other important features such as Text, Table, Image and Graph have been greatly enhanced. Attachment and HeaderFooter have
been rewritten to support more flexible control.
在本版本中,改进了通过XML生成PDF文件的能力,产生了 XML 计划定义文件 这个新东东。 显著增强了重要的特性, 如文本(Text), 表格
(Table), 图片(Image) 和 图表(Graph) 。 为了使控制更加灵活,作者也对附件,页脚和页眉进行了重写。
New features
- An XML Schema Definition file for creating PDF via XML has been formed.
- 为了能通过XML生成PDF而产生了 XML计划定义文件
- Attachment and HeaderFooter have been improved to provide more function.
- 为了提供更多的功能,附件,页脚和页眉被改进。
- Left Hanging, Rendering Mode, Text Background Color, TrueType Fonts and PostScript Type1 Fonts are supported in Text.
- 文本(text)中支持:左端对齐,透视模式,文本背景颜色, TrueType字体和PostScript Type1 字体。
- DefaultCellPadding and Table Borders are supported in Table.
- 表格(Table)中支持:默认单元格填充(DefaultCellPadding)和表格边框。
- Image Border, Rotation, Force Black/White and Text Wrap are supported in Image.
- 图片(Image)支持边框,旋转 强制黑白 和 文字的折叠。
- Ellipse class is added. Rotation, Skew and Scale, Flat are supoorted in Graph.
- 增加了Ellipse class。图表(Graph)支持旋转,拉伸和缩放,Flat.
- HyperLinkToLocalPdf, HyperLinkToOuterPdf, HyperLinkToFile and HyperLinkToWeb are added to support different kinds of
- 增加了指向本地的PDF的链接,指向外部的PDF的链接,指向文件的的链接以及指向WEB的链接。

More about Aspose.Pdf for Java
Aspose.Pdf for Java的更多信息
Aspose.Pdf is a Java Pdf component to create Pdf documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports all important features
such as compression, text, tables, graphs, images, hyperlinks, JavaScript, annotation, bookmarks, security and custom fonts.
Now you can easily create Pdf by API, XML and XSL-FO files. Aspose.Pdf supports document object model and it also enables
you converting HTML and CSS into Pdf file.
Aspose.Pdf 是在不使用Adobe Acrobat的情况下生成Pdf文件的JAVA组件。它包含了所有重要的特性,如:压缩,文本, 表格, 图表, 图片,
超接链, JavaScript, 注释(annotation), 书签, 安全和自定义字体. 现在您可以通过API,XML和 XSL-PO文件很容易的生成PDF文件。
Aspose.Pdf 支持文档模型对象(document object model) ,也能很容易的把HTML和CSS 转换成PDF文件。