如何管理godaddy host (how to manage godaddy host)

发布时间: 2014-01-28 22:32:00

前些日子在godaddy上买了个空间,放了一个论坛( 。并且加上了注册验证的功能。 现在要把代码放上去。


1. 登录godaddy. (login to godaddy) 

2. 进入 web hosting  (enter the web hosting area) 

3. control + F, 找到 'ssh shell'.  (ctrl + f to find the 'ssh shell' link, click it)

4. 进入到了这个页面,把你的id_rsa 和 分别粘贴进去,保存。  (generate , copy & paste your private, public keys )

4.1  click 'import key' button. ( if you are like me that already have a ssh key generated) 

Godaddy Manage Ssh Key Step1

4.2 fill this form.  the private key == id_rsa,  the public key == (in your ~/.ssh folder) Godaddy Manage Ssh Key Step2 Paste Your Ssh Keys

step3. make this ssh key enabled by clicking the number '0' .  

Godaddy Manage Ssh Key Step4 Done

Godaddy Manage Ssh Key Step3 Enable It

5. done. now login using your hostname: 

siwei@siwei-Lenovo-V470c:/workspace/rails_girls_cn$ ssh -l ziwokangfu
Attempting to create directory /home/ziwokangfu/perl5
ziwokangfu@p3plcpnl0040 [~]$ pwd
ziwokangfu@p3plcpnl0040 [~]$ ls
./            .appdata/             .bash_profile  .cl.selector/  cpbackup-exclude.conf  .htpasswds/  public_ftp/   ssl/     www@
../           application_backups/  .bashrc        .contactemail  etc/                   mail/        public_html/  tmp/
access-logs@  .bash_logout          .cagefs/       .cpanel/       .gemrc                 perl5/       .ssh/         .trash/