【Lesson 10】安卓的几种布局 (layouts)

发布时间: 2016-01-10 04:27:00

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LinearLayout:  means you can align views one by one (vertically/ horizontally). 线性布局, 类似于web中的 float:left  

RelativeLayout means based on relation of views from its parents and other views.  相对布局,类似于web中的position: relative

WebView to load html, static or dynamic pages.   专门显示web页

FrameLayout to load child one above another, like cards inside a frame, we can place one above another or anywhere inside the frame.   :  类似于absolute ? 总之,如果不指定位置,那么里面的元素都会一张张的覆盖。一个盖一个。

deprecated - AbsoluteLayout means you have to give exact position where the view should be.