测试 ios app( appium )的必要准备

发布时间: 2015-04-18 02:11:00

其实也是开发任意一款移动app (ios)的准备。

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To get started on a real device, you will need the following:

1. 有个apple developer ID.   可以用法发布认证 和 provision profile。

An Apple Developer ID and a valid Developer Account with a configured distribution certificate and provisioning profile.

2. 有个iphone 或者ipad, 他们已经为 XCODE做了相关的设置。
An iPad or iPhone. Make sure this has been set up for development in Xcode. See this article for more information.

3. 有个ipa 文件。
A signed .ipa file of your app, or the source code to build one.

4. 有个Mac
A Mac with Xcode and the Xcode Command Line Developer Tools.