bundle 遇到问题的终极解决办法 ( how to solve strange bundle problems )

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今天遇到一个很奇怪的bundler 问题,某个 gem安装明明是正确的,就是运行起来提示说找不到gem .   ( today I met a very strange problem about bundle that it complains no corresponding gem found while actually all the gems are installed successfully )

google了一下,发现了大家推荐的这个BUNDLE终极问题解决办法 ( after googled around I found this final useful post) :  < a href ='https://github.com/carlhuda/bundler/blob/master/ISSUES.md' target="_blank">https://github.com/carlhuda/bundler/blob/master/ISSUES.md

# remove user-specific gems and git repos
rm -rf ~/.bundle/ ~/.gem/bundler/ ~/.gems/cache/bundler/

# remove system-wide git repos and git checkouts
rm -rf $GEM_HOME/bundler/ $GEM_HOME/cache/bundler/

# remove project-specific settings and git repos
rm -rf .bundle/

# remove project-specific cached .gem files
rm -rf vendor/cache/

# remove the saved resolve of the Gemfile
rm -rf Gemfile.lock

# uninstall the rubygems-bundler and open_gem gems
rvm gemset use global # if using rvm
gem uninstall rubygems-bundler open_gem

# try to install one more time
bundle install

如果上述办法还不行,请看: ( if the approach above doesn't help, please try this: ) refer to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5007773/installing-gems-with-bundler-big-problem

$ bundle pack
$ bundle install --path vendor/cache

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