如何查看某个Action的RESTful 类型?(how to determine the restful type of an action in Rails? )

发布时间: 2013-01-30 07:33:00

今天为了这个问题想了半小时。呃。。。又是看RAILS源代码又是查文档啥的。 后来才发现,有个灰常简单的方法:  ( today I spent half an hour on this question, checking both the source code  and the documentation.  at last, I found this very simple solution: )

  # in rails application controller.   params is the common parameter as you know. 
  def restful_method(params)
    params[:authenticity_token].blank? ? 'get' : ((params[:_method]) || 'post')

a bit more about the source code, see:  gems/railties-3.0.8/lib/rails/tasks/routes.rake