hosting on godaddy.

发布时间: 2013-11-10 10:33:00

简单到无法想象   so simple.

80端口被封,只好放弃花生壳。   80port was blocked in China mainland, since  this July

国内主机不考虑,  I won't consider the virtual hosts in China.

国外的heroku人气很高,,上去一看,完全跟传统的SSH 操作不一样。所有的功能都成了service, 我需要一个一个的学习addon, plugin...  command line. ...天啊。 Heroku is popular, but for me, it's not the same way that I did as in other linux hosts. I have to learn those services and plugins one by one....

看了下godaddy,  一个月才40美刀不到,太便宜了。果断买之~~~~    so I switched to godaddy,  40 dollars per month.

需要开通SSH服务, 只需要输入你的电话号码,对方马上自动电话过来,告知一个PIN密码。就可以用了   once you gave your phone number to godaddy, it will give you a PIN number via a phone call.