Jenkins初体验 ( first sight of Jenkins )

发布时间: 2012-10-11 02:15:00

跟CruiseControl, Hudson一样, Jenkins也是一个持续集成工具。 Jenkins 是一个英国老管家的形象。挺有意思。估计是有什么来历吧?   ( As a Continuous Integration tool like Hudson and CruiseConrol, Jekins has a interesting LOGO shown as below. )

公司有个项目由它来测试,过去的两个星期我一直在弄那个项目,所以也对Jenkins有了一点使用的体会。  ( I have been working on a project which was detected failed by Jenkins, so I have some experience using it . ) 

Jenkins For Selenium

1. 配置很灵活. "configure" 页面的表单有各种各样的选项,点开之后,会出现第二层更详细的配置。不点开的时候,很简介,略去了不必要的信息,很提用户着想。 ( detailed and flexible configuration.  in the "configure" page, there are many options and items with description and tips that are very helpful and easy to understand to new users.  For an item,  once clicked, its 2nd level of options will pop up; if not clicked , the 2nd level of options will be collapsed and the saved lots of space for the page which looks more concise and clean, sweet! )

2. WEB界面响应很快。点击"Build now"之后,会向服务器发送AJAX请求,然后自动刷新页面。这点比CruiseControl要好。CC经常无缘无故的死掉。估计是AJAX做的不好。。。当然了,也有可能是我的个人环境问题。 ( Good speed of the page's response.  e.g. after "build now" clicked, an ajax request will be sent to server and then the current page will be refreshed. As a negative example, cruisecontrol did a bad job. when using it, I always found the page hung once an ajax request send to server, and I have to manual press F5 to do the refresh operation. Of course it maybe my browser's problem. -- Firefox 3.x )

3. 单元测试的文件位置,只能是相对路径,不能是绝对路径。例如:  (the path of the test result files must be relative )
"/home/sg552/reports/TEST*.xml" 不行。    ( failed to find the result file )
"reports/TEST*.xml" 就可以。   ( good to Jenkins )
这里的关键在于,你要掌握好Jenkins的workspace 路径。     ( the key is the workspace path )