command not found error( UBUNTU下很奇怪的错误)

发布时间: 2014-01-20 12:28:00

今天发现服务器上出现了这个错误。 (today I met this error on my personal server) 

GOOGLE一下,没搞定(参考 )  (this post doesn't help me) 

后来看到这个帖子 (受到了启发,觉得需要从 没找到的命令 入手,所以发现是rbenv, gem, bundle都失效了。 于是查看 $PATH, 发现 $PATH 设置的不对,里面包含了一段错误的PATH。 改掉之后就好了。 ( I got some clues from the link of this paragraph, and found that my rbenv and its related command are broken.  and further more, my $PATH variable is broken . so I fixed this problem by correcting the $PATH in my ~/.bashrc file) 

root@li539-250:/opt# echo $PATH  # there's no /opt/mongodb... folder. 

after correction:
$ echo $PATH