流行的工具都是有道理的( best practices are best in most cases)

发布时间: 2013-03-15 01:09:00

1. 版本控制: SVN =>  GIT       ( scm :  from SVN to GIT) 

2. 部署方式: 人肉部署 => Capistrano  

原来项目中用到的是SVN, 就一个分支,也不打TAG。感觉用起来没啥。  ( there's not so much trouble when the project is going under SVN and manual deployment)

现在服务器的配置被运维同学限制了,无法连到SCM 服务器 (同时无法连接到外网,无法连接到很多内部网络,比如LDAP, RADIUS等等)。肿么办????      (but one day, the server was limited its access to the internet, git repo and local LDAP , Radius service... what shall we do? )

如果用SVN的话,就得 用SCP的方式,打包过去,然后修修改改,每次都要人肉来做,还出错。(if using SVN, we have to copy the entire code folder to the target server, easy to make mistake and really painful for me ) 

现在换成了GIT , 不用capistrano的话,直接在本地把 git-patch 上传过去,然后 git am 就好。(now since we have migrated the SVN to GIT repo, it's very easy to achieve the same goal using 'git-patch' and 'git am' )

用了 capistrano的话,用 deploy_via :scp 的 方式,我每次部署一行命令,自动搞定了。 ( and in capistrano, we just need to use 'deploy_via scp' to do the deployment job ) 

所以,老式的办法,在某些新问题出现的时刻,不是那么得心应手。业界流行的“最佳实践”,在大部分情况下,还是“最佳实践”的。 ^_^    ( the conclusion is:  best practices are always best in most cases. ) 

—— 学习是王道!  ( keep STUDYING everyday! )