appium的工作原理 ( how appium works)

发布时间: 2014-09-27 02:23:00

基于 selenium的 WebDriver JSON wire 协议

对于IOS,调用 ios的 UIAutomation 组件

对于早期安卓平台 ( <= 2.2 ),调用安卓的 selendroid 组件

对于较新的安卓平台( >= 2.3 ),调用 UiAutomator 框架。

对于FirefoxOS, 也有一个叫做 leverages Marionette 的自动化测试框架(兼容WebDriver )

英文版: 见官方文档

Appium drives various native automation frameworks and provides an API based on Selenium's WebDriver JSON wire protocol.

Appium drives Apple's UIAutomation library for iOS support, which is based on Dan Cuellar's work on iOS Auto.

Android support uses the UiAutomator framework for newer platforms and Selendroid for older Android platforms.

FirefoxOS support leverages Marionette, an automation driver that is compatible with WebDriver and is used to automate Gecko-based platforms.