angular, react, meteor 用哪个。

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MVC, MVP, 。。。概念如下:(refer to:

MVC - Model-View-Controller
MVP - Model-View-Presenter
MVVM - Model-View-ViewModel
MVW / MV* - Model-View-Whatever
HMVC - Hierarchical Model-View-Controller
MMV - Multiuse Model View
MVA - Model-View-Adapter

MVW 的出现很有意思。  与其跟大家讨论这个框架到底是MV啥,不如就叫MV啥好了。 简洁干净,有这一点就足够了。叫啥不重要。所以angular 就标榜自己是 MVW 框架。

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angular,我在2013年7月左右就用过。思想很先进,文档特别烂。 我读了大约40% ,实在读不下去了。很多读者的感觉跟我一样,在官方文档下面留言说: “这是我读过的最烂的文档”。。。

下面是2年前的 文章,当时的槽点很严重:

acjohnson55 630 days ago

I think the author is right, if Angular stays how it is today. I've spent a lot of time trying to learn and believe in Angular. I've failed to be persuaded that it's the end-all, be-all that many people think it is. Nothing I've read--not the docs, nor ng-book--have successfully given me the mental model for what the heck is going on behind the scenes. I think directives are a horrible hacky mess. I recently struggled mightily to design a simple recursive tree directive. Apparently it can't be done without hacking the compile/link plumbing [1].
But my understanding is that Angular is actually going to vastly simplify and modularize in version 2 [2]. I've read that Web Components will be replacing directives [3]. Notably Google is also sponsoring Polymer, which is based on Web Components. Object.observe is going to vastly simplify the scope situation.
JPKab 630 days ago

You've further reinforced my gut feeling of staying away from Angular at the time.
I'm a data guy, and I only mess with web apps to present my stuff. Recently I wanted to do a realtime map app to display tweets processed by some ML stuff I had built.
I started to look at Angular, got a headache, and then built it with Meteor. It was ridiculously, almost embarrassingly easy. I felt like it was 1996 and I was sneakily using Microsoft Frontpage to build my web page instead of hand coding it.
Now, I'm not an idiot. I understand that Angular is a toolkit for building things which are much, much bigger and more complex than anything I touch. But if they can make it easier with version 2, I'll wait until then.

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是一个框架,可以跟angular配合, 也可以跟react配合。 

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