web应用的稳定性是最重要的!( 24x7 online is the key for all the web-based applications)

发布时间: 2014-01-04 00:14:00

前几天我的个人服务器当了。停了大约3天。这三天我着实感觉很难受。。。当一个点子需要记录下来的时候,没有地方可以写。( This blog server went down on last Friday. It's really a hard time for me)

现在好了,有教训了。需要做的是: (so the lesson I have is: 1. backup in time, always. 2.  stabability is the most important )

1。 及时备份

2.  宁可功能少,也要稳定。 (彻底抛弃花生壳)

之前虽然也用过花生壳,但是发现民用电根本不稳定啊! 没有个持续供电的机器,我们民用的PC能连续开机一个月就不错了。虽然配置可以很高,但是只要用户有一次发现网站打不开,就会认为我们的网站已经关门大吉了。绝对的损失。  ( Though I have tried the "nut shell", it's not stable at all due to our "civil electricity". The users definitely think that our site is down forever when they found it down for 1 time. ) 

所以,从花生壳转向linode还是非常值得的。 ( I am happy with Linode now. )